BASCO® black masterbatches

BASCO® black masterbatches


We produce black masterbatches of three main groups — «premium», «standard» and «economy». They are developed for coloring of goods made of polyolefins, polystyrene plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane and engineering plastics produced by extrusion, blow molding or injection molding. Masterbatches are produced both with local carbon black, which is the most economical solution along with a high quality, as well as with imported P-type carbon black, which provides maximum quality and organoleptic properties of the film. 

Premium black masterbatches are designed for coloring of multilayer films(including black and white «milk» films), lamination films, stretch films and silanol cross linkable compositions. They contain 40-45% of high structure carbon black, including imported P-type carbon black. Linear low-density polyethylene is used as a polymer base, therefore colored products have high physical and mechanical properties and increased gloss.

Standard grades of black masterbatches with up to 50% of carbon black content are used for coloring of polyolefin and polystyrene products made by injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. Special grades of black masterbatches have been developed for light stabilization of polymer pipes.

For LDPE and HDPE packing bags, as well as for non-pressure polyolefin pipes and geogrids, we have specially created inexpensive but high-quality black film masterbatches of economy grade containing 15-30% of high concentration carbon black and antiblocking filler.

We also produce special grades of black masterbatches for coloring of injection moulded and extruded products, which are made of polystyrene plastics (GPPS, HIPS, SAN and ABS), thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide and polyethylene terephthalate.

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